Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surprised by joy.

These pictures put a wide grin on my face.
Even better - my computer holds 200+ more taken within the past 7 days that cause the same reaction... It's been a week parade of exploration and joy.
Each day packed with happy memories was outdone by the next. A blur of outtrips. A symphony of laughter. A mosaic of beautiful people. A banner of rainbow skies. And a warmth in my heart that remains long after the sun goes down.

Encapsulated into 'blog size', It goes something like this:
- Making 60 peanut butter sandwiches while driving down a back road.
- Setting a 5am alarm to greet my sleepy eyed students in pyjama shirts and flip flops.
- Ascending the hill with blankets and guitars to celebrate the sunrise.
- Belting out 'Wavin' Flag' with Jean Marc, Jeanson and Mansado complete with actions.
- Mountaineering, goat-pathing and dancing on the summit with new friends.
- Mini-showering in the sunlight with plastic water sacks.
- Quoting 'mawij' through giggles with the junior girls (If you guessed The Princess Bride you're right).
- Cuddling with Angelie.
- Gleefully making homemade guacamole for lunch - The avocados are BACK!
- Reuniting with Sidonie at church and chatting up some Spanish speakers at Yolty's.
- Cutting fresh watermelon with a new machete.
- Welcoming the dark clouds and cool wind of rainy season on a walk home at dusk.

I learned some new things this week too:
- First off - Mexicans do not follow the speed limit. Ah-em, I won't go into details for my mom's sake... Just trust me on this one.
- The junior high years can easily be relived with Lindsay and some classic dcTalk raps.
- Acoustic guitars definitely sound better outside.
- A clean house is overrated - 12 dusty pairs of flip flops piled by my door, a sink full of syrupy forks and pancake crumbs on my couch is always a good thing.
- And,
God's love is surprising. It may not come in the ways I expect or wish for, but I've felt it in more ways than I can detail this week. Seeing His love in big and small ways has filled my cup to overflow.

Let all who take refuge in you rejoice;
let them sing joyful praises forever.
Spread your protection over them,
that all who love Your name may be filled with joy!
~Psalm 5:11

May you too feel His love today.
May you too be refreshed by His grace.
May you too be surprised by joy.
May you too live in awe of His presence!

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Shawna said...

Great update Diana! I loved the pictures! Can you believe you will be Wainfleet-bound again soon? It will be wonderful to have you home again for the summer. I was very touched by your previous post and your decision to return again to Haiti. You are an inspiration and I get so much from your blogs. I come away smiling and feeling refreshed. Safe travels!