Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Worlds collide.

The hockey bags that lined the walls are gone.
The fans are no longer oscillating.
My house is quiet.
But, evidence is still everywhere...
My fridge is still jammed with trail mix and Coca-cola.
My ipod still plays 'Blame it on the pop' and 'Boondocks'.
A tightened doorknob.
A cleared shower drain.
Bondo-ed mouse holes.
A sparkling white balcony.
And the list goes on and on.

It's been 2 cozy weeks my family. They all stayed in my apartment and it was full of sweat and music and laughs and wonderful memories.
I love it when my two worlds collide.

Inevitably a goodbye had to happen (which I am still recovering from), but my new and improved apartment coupled with the hundreds of pictures are a reason for me to give thanks that these dear ones came to share my life for 2 sweet weeks.
It was a definite highlight of the spring... Here's a little taste!

Broc and Ashley with the kids and I at church

Holly, Ashley and Broc with Dida and Senson (kids from the mountains)

Broc and Opa building a home in SourceMatelas

Holly and Ashley scrapbooking in the classroom with Ana and Mina

And of course... No trip is complete until a stop at Gwopapapou!

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