Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unlimited bandwidth.

The internet system is a little different in Haiti. Internet usage is measured by the kilobyte (or something like that), and the MOH staff share a pooled amount. When we run out, the system shuts down for 24 hours. For this reason, we all try to be mindful of not loading excessive amounts of pictures, music and videos.
But there is one small exception to the 'no download/upload' rule. There is an unlimited bandwidth pocket of time between 2-7am every day, so it really comes down to how badly you want it. A couple times a month I sacrifice a few hours of sleep to get up early and use the internet for all it's worth. This morning I took some time to select some snapshots from my most recent photo albums, in honour of us nearing the month after the earthquake.
I know that most of you have facebook, but I didn't want to be exclusive to the ones who haven''t quite jumped full force into the world of networking. :)
From what I am hearing about media coverage, by now you are probably quite familiar with the look of the government palace and other sights of the city. For this reason, I chose to feature more 'people' pictures, highlighted throughout the villages and around my life at the Mission. I've included a caption under each photo.

My friend, Sidonie and I standing in the doorway of her house that is no longer livable after the earthquake. She's still smiling.
These are some of the 'homes' that friends from the villages are living in. Using long sticks and bed sheets, they construct shelters to sleep in. Thankfully, it has not yet rained since the earthquake.

Visiting the Louisaint family. The family is safe and 2 of their three shelters still stand. Yesterday during our visit we cleaned their sand filter, a natural water filtration system distributed through HaitiOne.

Baby Fania and sister, Shalyn.

Sunday morning at church. This picture does NOT to justice to the overflow of people, nor the sound of the chorus!

Ahhh... Report cards edited, labelled and sealed. It was a good day for all of us!

Time to celebrate! The junior students are on my couch. Bridgely, Riley, Ana and Mina eating brownies in my kitchen.

Singing 'deep and wide' with Ana and Mina

Recently during our devotional times I have had the kids look up a Psalm that has a promise to remember. They have been challenged to print it out and memorize it.

When I get older, I will be stronger, They'll call be freedom, Just like a wavin' flag.

The lyrics from this song by K'naan remind me that the children of Haiti still have a chance to fly. Haiti may be broken - broken homes, broken bones, broken families, broken hearts, but the dreams of the children have a reason to hold on. The faithfulness of the Lord remains, giving hope for a better tomorrow. I believe that His love is more than enough to cover the trauma. His grace is more than enough to put the broken pieces back together. His strength is more than enough to equip and empower His children to rise up around this country. Indeed, we will see a better day.
To God be the glory.


Joan and Rudy said...

Thanks Diana for the informative report and pictures of your work there. We pray daily for you and those serving the needy who by their example teach us how to be thankful even in severe circumstances. God Bless
Joan and Rudy

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and remembering you daily in prayer Diana. Thanks for sharing your experiences and pictures as you serve in Haiti.
We really can't grasp fully what you have been through but thank God he has kept you safe.
Jack and Cathy R.