Saturday, August 29, 2009

You were loved.

I was brought to tears by a simple quote last week.
'In this world, you were loved.'
Let me give you a bit of context. Sarah got me hooked on this book called 'Angels of a Lower Flight' by Susie Scott Krabacher, who writes about her journey and unfolding passion for the children of Haiti. The first chapter sets the stage in a story of heartbreak from a rundown hospital where a baby and her mother are struggling to survive. The chapter ends with both of them losing their lives to malnutrition and disease. The emotions and pain that are expressed by the writer are so vivid and heart wrenching. Where is God in this situation? A situation that re-occurs moment by moment in such a hopeless place.
But the punch line is this quote - Words written on a page and placed on the tiny casket of the innocent child being buried:
In this world, you were loved.
Even as I type this post, my emotions are getting the best of me.
Isn't this our purpose? Isn't this the answer?
We may not be able to cure to disease, heal the pain, fix the problem, save a life, but oh, we can love.
And more and more I am convinced that love is enough.
Isn't that what the Lord is asking of us? We aren't miracle workers, He is. We don't have the cure, but He is.
He isn't asking us to do the impossible. His call to us is simply to bring the love He has freely given to this broken world.
It's what everybody is searching for. It's the only lasting solution.
From the multi-millionaires living in luxury, to the starving children on the opposite side of the world. Everyone is yearning for love. For acceptance. For belonging.
It's Susie's goal to make this statement true to every person she interacts with, one beautiful stranger at a time. I believe that this calling is for each of us.
Love changes things. Not my love, but God's love. It goes beyond what I could ever do in my own power, but what a indescribable blessing to be the vessel.
Despite my human nature, it's my prayer that I can echo Susie's words. That I somehow, day after day, I can be a part of this love revolution.

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Renee said...

love your thoughts today Diana. Something to think long about for sure.