Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crumbly cookies and other blessings

I am beginning to see the daylight again - this is in reference to song #10 on my blog playlist... I've been listening to it a lot during this spring season! 
In many ways, I have been in a bit of a slump. I know I have reflected this in my blogs and in my many ways I've been wishing my time away here. As the final stretch of months have unfolded, I've really began to anticipate coming home, and I've become at risk of losing focus. 
This week I feel like I've got my spark back. Over the past few days there have been 2 new girls arrive as interns for the mission. Sarah (on the left) from Kansas City, is here for 6 weeks - she leaves about a week before I do, and Mallory (on the right) from Ottawa, is here for 2 months until the end of July.

Over the past few evenings, there have been no teams at the guesthouse so we have been making dinner together and watching movies at my apartment. They are both very genuine, thoughtful and quite hilarious! I feel so thankful for the chance to unwind with them at the end of the day. 
Last night we were at a slight scarcity for food, so we made breakfast for supper - scrambled eggs, bagels and cream cheese with mangoes. It was fantastic!
On Saturday, I was also able to bring Sarah along on my market trip which was a ton of fun. It was really cool for me to introduce her to the world of tap tap transportation and a meal at Yolty's. 
On Monday evening we were adventurous and decided to bake. Sarah is a huge cookie fan and her birthday is coming up this weekend so we thought that we'd do a test run before making more for our weekend celebrations. We looked up an oatmeal-butterscotch recipe on the internet and went to work. We had high hopes. Unfortunately, the cookies were a flop. We barely got a decent looking one off of the pan as most of them crumbled immediately on contact.
We ate them anyways. :)

I've been reminded this week about the Lord's faithfulness. For a time, things were pretty hazy in my mind. I had a lot of questions about what the He was up to. And yet, just like He promises in book of Psalms, "at just the right time I rescued you". In hindsight, I look back and know that there has been a purpose in each circumstance that has unfolded over this year. Even in my darkest and most painful moments, I know that He has been able to bring goodness out of these things. And now with these new friends, I am convinced that He has been with me all along and orchestrating these days just when I need them most.
I have been reminded this week by the way the Lord has been with me all along, even through the fire. He knows exactly what I need and He provides at the perfect time, even though it often takes me a while to click into it. His provision in the past is what gives me hope for the future, and I know that even in the year to come as I continue to face valleys and roadblocks, He is with me and He will rescue me at just the right time.
Matthew 6:33 has been a verse the kids and I have been memorizing this week: Seek first God's kingdom. Do what He wants you to do, then all these things will be given to you.
I want to live in accordance with this verse. I want to use the gifts that He has entrusted to me to serve others and blessed them just as I have been blessed. And without a doubt, I will continue to see my cup overflowing. Just as He has provided for every one of my needs, He will continue to be faithful. Who He is now is who He is forever. I am in awe of His abundance to me today.


Renee said...

Diana, I am glad that you are feeling revived by the presence of your new friends. It is good to look forward to things to come but in the mean time, don't miss out of what is right in front of you. This is a lesson that I am trying to learn too.

Twila said...

I say thank you for writing from your heart!!!!
God's timing is always perfect- HE is our Faithful Father- ever present, always near!!!!!