Saturday, July 4, 2009


I have some very exciting news to share with you from the Mission of Hope... We have two new babies that are joining the Hope House!
I am pleased to introduce you to Hannah Grace (right) and Jeremiah (left).
On June 25th, these 5-day old twins arrived at the mission after being abandoned by their 18-year old mother. They went swiftly to the clinic after their arrival to be checked over and weighed. It is a miracle that so far all of their test results have come back with good reports considering their poor prenatal care and severe underweight, Jeremiah (3.5 pounds) and Hannah (2.8 pounds). For the full story of heartbreak and hope, check out Rachel's blog.
Since the arrival of these little ones, there has been a lot of excitement and joy up in Rachel's apartment as all of the staff and interns come together to bring them from their malnourished state into good health. The twins have found their beds in two laundry baskets, and Vanessa (Brad's wife), Rachel, the interns and I have all been switching off for the night shift. Teagan and Georgie absolutely love the babies and have been a wonderful relief to us all during the day.
Even though it took me a while to grow comfortable with the tiny size of these precious babies, I have found myself growing more and more confident in holding and feeding them. It's hard for me to express in words what the past few days with them have been like... First off, it's been quite the crash course in motherhood! But, what an amazing experience to be a part of as my school commitments have ended and I am wrapping up before coming home. The timing and opportunity could not be better!
Often while I am looking after them I find myself amazed at where the Lord is taking each of us caregivers, as well as the Mission of Hope as we look after these two darlings. It's been such an opportunity to not just surround the fragility of life of these two babies, but to also surround and support each other. It's a task that would be almost impossible to do alone, and so working together as a team has been a beautiful thing. It has truly been a team effort with all of us and it's been a huge blessing and reminder for me about how we all need each other as we embrace this gift of life that the Lord has bestowed upon us.
Amidst the craze of feelings and emotions that I am feeling, and everything I need to do during my last week in Haiti, I really believe that the Lord has arranged His divine timing in bringing the twins here. Seeing these fragile lives being cared for and nurtured, and being a part of it myself has really reminded me about what serving in Haiti is all about.
This morning Jeremiah was awake for a feeding, and after he was finished I carried him outside outside to watch the sunrise. It was such a special moment for me to reflect and be thankful for these last days in Haiti and what this year is all about.
It's the miracle of life.
It's being there for one another.
It's tangible growth.
It's a bright future.
It's hope.

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Renee said...

I have enjoyed reading the blogs from Rachel about the babies and their journey to the mission. God has taught you many things this year and I'm excited the learning keeps on going.