Friday, October 24, 2008


Last night I had my first 'parent-teacher' interview!
I know it's quite a daunting thing for new teachers, but fortunately I didn't feel much stress. Each of my kids are very bright and it has been a pleasure to teach them so far. Looking ahead, there is of course a lot of work in store as I keep them each in step with the curriculum back home, as well as using my creative juices to combine as much 'fun' into the school day as I can... But it feels good to have one month already under my belt! :)
During the meeting, Laurens and Cheryl both shared the magnitude of their new roles at the mission, and how it would be of great assistance to them if I could extend my times with the children to two afternoons per week along with our Monday to Friday 8am-12pm school time. These past few weeks have been full in the afternoons as I've been getting my apartment more 'homey' (see picture!)
and planning the children's work for the week, but I am hoping to be of assistance to Laurens and Cheryl for the sake of their job roles. It is my hope that I can fall into more of a routine in the days ahead and be able to afford this extra responsibility. In addition, I will also plan to start my involvement in the Hope House activities beginning in November, so with all of these things coming together, I do often feel a little overwhelmed. I appreciate your prayers during this time that I would not feel too bogged down by all of these tasks, but be able to really pour myself into the ministries of each day. I tend to get stressed out when I look ahead to all of my future commitments, but I trust that the Lord will help me prioritize and get into a 'groove' where I can use the gifts He has given me.

I also wanted to tell you how much I've loved seeing the pictures of the leaves changing back in Wainfleet. I've been browsing through the Balls Falls party pictures on the church website, as well as the fall albums posted on facebook. Fall is one of my favorite times of year because the outdoors are fully vibrant with color, and I've missed that this season. Here in Haiti, the weather is still full-fledged summer heat, and as much as I can appreciate the warmth of the weather, I do miss the beauty of autumn back home.
Thinking about the changing seasons in weather also reminds me about the seasons in our lives. A song I've listened to these past few days has a line that sings 'All of my life in every season, You are still God and I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship'. I think about the seasons of my life - The times of abundance and peace and joy, as well as the times of heartbreak and struggle and pain. Through all of these seasons, I am thankful that the Lord doesn't change. He offers me the same hope and love He has always bestowed and because of that, I have a reason to worship Him.
Right now, I feel like I am in a bit of a dry season. Even though there is so much happening around me, I have become more aware of the distance of home and the comfort it brings. There have also been challenges in relationships and really discerning where I belong in this new place. But just like the song says, when I think about who my God is - the One who remains constant through every season - I do have a reason to sing, and for that I am so grateful. I want to remember not to dwell in disappointments but to count the blessings I have been given this day. 
Can you hear me singing? :)


Renee Kievit said...

We are missing you too. I'm sure you'll be great at whatever you do. The Lord has gifted you with many gifts and talents! Enjoy each season, there is no spring without winter. You're in our prayers

Becky said...

Thanks Diana for another good post. Our household is missing you and I pray for you very often. Keep going - it's worth it!

Twila said...

I am asking Jesus today to hold you close- to strengthen you and to empower you to do the work HE has called you to do!!!
I love you!!!

sharon said...

hi diana,i have just caught up on your recent blogs. i don't want to miss any. I appreciate your honesty in sharing your heart highs and lows. from my side of the screen, as i listen to you describe this new life, i can see how God has hand-picked you for this role, out of all of His children. Knowing He has chosen you, remember He will only give you manageable sized doses each day spiced with moments of joy. i pray for you each day, sharon